Top 5 most visited national parks in Madagascar

Madagascar, the promised land of nature lovers where limestone cathedrals, canyons, lush forests and 90% endemic biodiversity coexist. For your trip to Madagascar, discover the Top 5 national parks of Madagascar. Andasibe National Park One of the last primary forests in Madagascar, Andasibe Park covers more than 16,310ha and aims to be the country’s lemur […]

The lemurs of Madagascar

Madagascar is known for its rich and endemic biodiversity. Lemurs are the emblem of this biodiversity, and it is possible to admire these little primates as cute as they are curious in various areas of Madagascar, including private reserves, but also national parks spread throughout the territory of Madagascar. Discover the generalities of lemurs in […]

The best months to visit Madagascar

Are you planning a trip to Madagascar without any idea of the ideal travelling period? Madagascar is a tropical country where there are mainly two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. While some regions of the country can be visited all year round, some can only be discovered during the dry season. Your […]

10 Surprising Facts About Baobabs

The Baobab Avenue, one of the key natural attractions of the Madagascar destination, has just been ranked among the 10 natural wonders of Africa by Pandotrip. Located in the west of the country, this alley is made up of secular Baobabs over 30 meters high and some of which are over 1000 years old, to […]

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