10 Surprising Facts About Baobabs

The Baobab Avenue, one of the key natural attractions of the Madagascar destination, has just been ranked among the 10 natural wonders of Africa by Pandotrip. Located in the west of the country, this alley is made up of secular Baobabs over 30 meters high and some of which are over 1000 years old, to be discovered absolutely during your trip to Madagascar.

In addition to these giant Baobabs, which scientific name is Adansonia Grandidieri, Madagascar has on its territory other species of Baobabs, six in total, all endemic to the island of Madagascar. Hence, discover 10 surprising facts about the Baobabs, these root trees you can admire during your tailor-made trip to Madagascar.

1-There are 8 species of Baobabs in the world, and 6 species are found in Madagascar

2-The largest Baobabs, including those of the Madagascar’s Baobab Avenue, can be 30 meters-high

3-A Baobab tree can store up to 140,000 liters of water

4-Baobab fruits are superfood

5-Baobab flowers bloom at night and are pollinated by bats

6-The trunk of a Baobab is very massive and can reach 7 meters in diameter

7-The largest Baobab in Madagascar, called Tsitakakoike, is 27.30 meters in circumference

8-Baobabs are secular trees and some are over 1000 years old

9-Baobabs are vital for the ecosystems around them

10-The Baobabs are sacred in Madagascar and are considered the mothers of the forest, hence their name “Reniala”.

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