Highlights : Lemurs, landscape, culture,UNESCO world heritage, train and beach

Accommodation options: from midrange to luxurious

Extension options: South

Day 1:  Arrival in Madagascar

You have landed in Antananarivo Airport, Welcome to Madagascar ! Before heading to your hotel on your transfer car, you can convert the amount of money you need into our local money. Also, if you have some free time ahead, you can ask your driver to bring you at your charge to some historical places where you can discover the Madagascar’s Highlands’ history and traditions.

Whether it is the Queen’s Palace or the Ambohimanga royal hill, feel free to wander in some of the Malagasy Royalty period’ remains. You can also visit a crocodile farm near the airport or a RAMSAR bird sanctuary near the city center. Overnight in a charming hotel.

Day 2 : Antananarivo-Antsirabe

Today, you start your Madagascar tour by taking the famous RN7 (National Road n°7) toward Antsirabe! You will first pass through the small town of Ambatolampy, a town known for its pots and other kitchen utensils made of Aluminum. Then, crisscross the mountains and ricefields that characterizes the Madagascar highlands and take the time to admire the colorful stalls of fruit and vegetable sellers, but also sellers of typically Malagasy musical instruments made entirely by hand.

You arrive in Antsirabe after about 3 hours of driving. Nicknamed “the city of water”, Antsirabe is home to a renowned thermal source, but also to a stone market that you can visit after you settle in a village solidarity accommodation.

Day 3 : Antsirabe-Ranomafana

After Antsirabe, you will continue your Madagascar tour on the RN7 to reach the village of Ranomafana. You will pass through the city of Ambositra, the capital of Malagasy crafts, known for its woodworking pioneered by the Zafimaniry. These people have made woodworking a unique art that can be found both in their huts and in their works of art carved out of wood, thus deserving its place in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

After half a day of driving, you are now in Ranomafana. Located in the Haute Matsiatra region, this village lost in the middle of green mountains is home to one of the natural jewels of this region: the Ranomafana National Park. Night at the hotel.

Day 4: Ranomafana National Park

Today, as a part of your Madagascar wildlife tour, you will visit the Ranomafana National Park. Spread over more than 41,600ha, this park created in 1991 and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to more than 100 species of birds, unique flora and atypical fauna. Indeed, you will find there at least five species of endemic lemurs including the Woolly Avahi, the Microcebus, the black Vari, but also the golden Bamboo Lemur.

The bamboo lemur, endemic to this region, feeds only on deadly poisonous bamboo, which, curiously, has no effect on its organism. After a visit rich in discovery, take the time to admire the extent of this haven of peace from the belvedere of the park. Night at the hotel.

Day 5 : Ranomafana-Sahambavy

After a day in Ranomafana National Park, you go back to a small village located near Fianarantsoa, ​​a name literally meaning “where you learn good manners”. It is the Malagasy city where you will find the largest number of churches in Madagascar. Indeed, there are more than fifty churches in Fianarantsoa, ​​most of which are scattered in the Upper Town, a district listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After a few hours on the road, here you are in Sahambavy, literally meaning”the women’s field”. This village is indeed home to a large tea plantation in which only women participate in the picking of tea buds. A majestic lake comes to magnify this atypical landscape, a lake at the edge of which you will stay in a charming hotel.

Day 6 : Sahambavy-Manakara

Today, for the unforgettable part of your Madagascar tour, you board the famous FCE train (Fianarantsoa-Côte Est). This train built in the time of colonization is the only means of transport for local residents. 163km long, this railway lets you criss-cross a region punctuated by forests, waterfalls, tunnels as far as the eye can see, wooded hills and twenty villages from which children like to greet train passengers.

Once in the stations, small itinerant vendors will come to animate each stop, small delicacies to try absolutely for the strongest and most valiant. After a day on the rails, you are finally in the small coastal town of Manakara.

Day 7-8: Manakara

For two days, you will enjoy a relaxing stay in one of the mythical cities of the South East of Madagascar. Book nautical and seaside activities at your own expense with your hotel or admire the daily “mora mora” of the inhabitants of this village lost in the depths of Madagascar by rickshaw or bicycle.

You can also book an excursion on the Pangalanes Channel, a canal dating back to colonization and serving as a navigable sea route for the entire east coast of Madagascar, at your own expense. It is also possible to book a visit to Antemoro paper workshops. This typical Madagascar paper is made from the bark of a wild shrub called “Havoha”, to discover absolutely. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 9: Manakara-Antsirabe

After two days spent in Manakara, you are off again to join the mythical RN7. Prefer an early morning departure to admire the morning habits of the inhabitants. On your way, you will gradually pass from the forests of Ravinala to the hills of the Highlands before passing one last time near the Ranomafana National Park. A goodbye to the Southeast of Madagascar and here you are in Antsirabe, a city in which you will spend the night before heading back to Antananarivo.

Day 10 : Antsirabe-Antananarivo

Today, you will leave the city of water to reach the capital of Madagascar. Once in Antananarivo, you will wait in a day-use hotel before taking your international flight. Here ends your Madagascar tour. Veloma! See you soon. End of our services

Price from 900€ per person (Rate based on 4 people traveling)


-All airport transfers


-Breakfast from Day 2 to Day 10

-Lunch and Dinner on Day 2

-Dinner on Day 4

-Transport with driver from Day 2 to Day 5 then from Day 9 to Day 10

-Entrance ticket to Ranomafana National Park

-Day 6 train ticket


-International flights

-Visa fees


-Travel insurance

-Lunches not mentioned in the included

-Dinners not mentioned in the included

-Personal expenses


-Guide fees in Ranomafana National Park

-Transportation and activities in Manakara

-Any activity not mentioned in the inclusions

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