Top 5 most visited national parks in Madagascar

Madagascar, the promised land of nature lovers where limestone cathedrals, canyons, lush forests and 90% endemic biodiversity coexist. For your trip to Madagascar, discover the Top 5 national parks of Madagascar.

Andasibe National Park

One of the last primary forests in Madagascar, Andasibe Park covers more than 16,310ha and aims to be the country’s lemur reservoir. In this park located in the east of the country, find most of the island’s emblematic lemurs, including the Indri Indri, the largest lemur in Madagascar.

Tsingy du Bemaraha National Park

A true emblem of Western Madagascar, discover the Tsingy du Bemaraha National Park during your Madagascar tours. Sometimes lost in limestone cathedrals, sometimes sailing on the Manambolo to discover its gorges mixing nature and culture, you will be captivated by the beauty of this unique natural park in the world.

Isalo National Park

As an emblematic park in the South of Madagascar, in the Isalo National Park, you will discover canyons containing unsuspected natural and cultural treasures: natural swimming pools, caves, hillside tombs and lemurs welcoming you friendly into this maze of stone.

Ranomafana National Park

A true breeding ground for the country’s biodiversity, Ranomafana National Park is home to the largest number of endemic animal and plant species in Madagascar. During your trip to Madagascar, take the time to admire well-hidden lemurs in the park’s lush forest, enjoy unique panoramic views of the forest or majestic rapids, and take time to relax in the Ranomafana village’s thermal pool

Ankarafantsika National Park

Located in the North-West of Madagascar, the Ankarafantsika National Park is a jewel of the biodiversity of this region. A favorite park for ornithologists, this park is also home to one hundred and twenty-nine (129) species of birds with an endemicity rate of 75%. Added to that, there are eight (8) species of lemurs in national park you can visit during your Madagascar tours.

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