The best months to visit Madagascar

Are you planning a trip to Madagascar without any idea of the ideal travelling period? Madagascar is a tropical country where there are mainly two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. While some regions of the country can be visited all year round, some can only be discovered during the dry season. Your visit to the country can also be done according to the activities and tourist places that you wish to discover. So, what are the best months to visit Madagascar?

The dry season: the ideal time to visit Madagascar

The dry season in Madagascar lasts from May to October. All of the country’s national parks, reserves and roads are open during this southern winter, unlike the rainy season when some parks and roads are closed. Whether you want to travel the legendary RN7, discover the Tsingy du Bemaraha, enjoy the island’s heavenly beaches or admire the giant Baobabs of the Baobab Avenue, the dry season is the ideal time to spend your vacation in Madagascar.

When to come to Madagascar to admire lemurs

As most roads and national parks are open during the dry season, the period between May and October remains ideal for discovering Madagascar’s lemurs. Going from Indri Indri to Andasibe Park to the Lemur Catta in the south of the country, via the sifakas of the great west of Madagascar, your trip to Madagascar will be punctuated by sometimes dynamic, sometimes shy encounters with the country’s lemurs. If you want to admire female lemurs carrying their babies on their bellies, plan your trip between the months of October and November, the birth period of most lemurs.

Admire the whales of Madagascar

The island of Madagascar is renowned for being a place of passage and reproduction for different species of whales. Ranging from Humpback Whales to Whale Sharks, take the time to admire these giants of the seas during a stay in Madagascar. From the outset, humpback whales and whale sharks are passing through the entire island from July to November. Discover the places as well as the ideal period to follow the epic of these majestic animals which will mark your trip to Madagascar:

Island of Sainte-Marie in the East: Humpback whales between July and the end of September

Anakao and Ifaty in the South: Humpback whales between August and September

Nosy Be in the North: Humpback whales and whale sharks between July and November

When to come to Madagascar for Outdoor activities?

Whether for a trek, a Kite stay or a bike tour of Madagascar, the ideal is to come during the dry season, from May to September:

Trek and hikes: from May to October

Kitesurfing: can be practiced from mid-March to mid-December with a peak between June and September, period of high winds

Tour of Madagascar by bike: from May to October

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